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Big Journeys Begin with

Small Steps

As you on-boarded with Healthiby, you’ll receive three personalized Journey Goals, based on your biometrics.

During your year-long program, complete Journey Goal milestones (‘Mini-Goals’) on your way towards an overall HealthiLife Goal:  lowering an A1C or achieving a healthier body mass index (BMI) (a.k.a. losing weight).

Slices Contest

Achieve Mini-Goal targets to earn HealthiBuck rewards in the Slices Contest.

The higher your upfront ‘investment’ in your health at the start of the program, the higher your potential rewards from quarterly Slices Contests.

Stay Motivated & Engaged

With virtual group or 1:1 wellness coaching, from a registered dietitian, certified diabetes educator (CDE) or another health specialist, you’ll be empowered, inspired and supported throughout your wellness journey.

Outcomes-Based Rewards

While other wellness solutions give pats on the back for steps counting, Healthiby rewards increase the more you make progress towards your HealthiLife Goal.  Meaningful rewards for meaningful accomplishments.

Free A1C Testing

Start and finish your year-long program with an A1C test if you have prediabetes or type 2 diabetes. If you do not have recent lab results available, Healthiby will cover the cost of your A1C test. That’s right. Free, no cost, nada.

Track Progress & Rewards in Healthiby's Application

Access on mobile or desktop

Anyone with internet can join Healthiby. We’re mobile, laptop and desktop-friendly.

Track progress to earn rewards

Start from where you are. Receive personalized goals, tailored to your priorities and preferences.

Track weekly progress on your food and fitness Mini-Goals. Get rewarded for achieving Mini-Goal targets.

Personalized wellness goals to achieving better health outcomes

Wellness activities recommended are proven to help participants: (i) lose weight (ii) better control or reverse chronic conditions like Type 2 diabetes, prediabetes, hypertension and hypercholesterolemia.

Know your numbers, stay accountable

Track progress weekly for your food and fitness Mini-Goals, and monthly or quarterly for weight loss goals.

Earn HealthiBucks if you (i) track regularly and (ii) achieve Mini-Goal targets

Rewards for progress and reversal

The more HealthiLife progress you make, by (i) improving your BMI or (ii) lowering your A1c, the higher the payout. Earn up to 2.8X your deposit amount.

Lower your A1C from the (i) Type 2 diabetes range into the prediabetes range or (ii) prediabetes range into the non-diabetic range, and you'll qualify for Reversal Rewards: an additional (i) $1,000 or (ii) $500. All in all, you could 16X your deposit.

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