Healthiby partners with health and wellness coaches who have an independent practice or work as part of a team of a larger nutrition, diabetes management or holistic wellness practice. They are qualified:

  • Registered dietitians (RDs)
  • Certified diabetes educators (CDEs)


Partners-in-Practice typically share these four characteristics, too.


Passionate about coaching and supporting clients  achieve health and wellness goals

Interested in taking a goal-oriented, health outcomes-based approach to coaching

Excited to offer financial incentives to clients to motivate them to achieve their goals

Already providing health or wellness consultations to Type 2 Diabetic and Prediabetic clients

Provide 1:1 coaching

Healthiby provides virtual group coaching and partners with other service providers for 1:1 coaching and consultations.

Referring clients to Healthiby? Continue providing 1:1 coaching to clients, business as usual.


Increase repeat sessions

Healthiby requires that our participants have a minimum number of 1:1 coaching or consultation sessions (e.g., 2, 4, 6) a year, when they work with an external coach and do not participate in our virtual group coaching.

Our participants are only eligible for a reward payout if they attend the minimum number of coaching or consultation sessions set at the beginning of the program. 

We have these session requirements because we firmly believe that support and empowerment through knowledge and education are critical to achieving better health outcomes.  

For the clients you refer to Healthiby, the number of repeat sessions will increase. A valuable outcome, given the low client retention rates in nutrition and wellness services.

Earn referral fees and outcomes rewards

Become a Partner-in-Practice and, for a limited time, earn referral fees for clients referred to Healthiby’s program.

While Healthiby’s wellness rewards solution is for those with Type 2 diabetes and prediabetes, we also believe in rewarding the professional who support and empower their clients to achieve amazing outcomes. Therefore, we reward coaches and providers that help Healthiby participants reverse their conditions. Email us to learn more.

Outcomes data & performance feedback

Clients’ outcomes data and repeat sessions provide insight and evidence on the effectiveness of your nutrition therapy services.

Interested in learning more?

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